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Factory Fun-Mode: Powering Down for a Joyful Break!

Dear Choiceyoung Family,

Greetings from the heart of innovation! We hope this message finds you in high spirits and low stress.

Now, brace yourselves for some groundbreaking news – our hardworking factory is gearing up for a well-deserved siesta! Yes, you heard it right. We’re temporarily trading our assembly lines for beachfront recliners and turning the machinery off for some R&R.


Vacation Dates: Starting: January 31st, 2024 Ending: February 20th, 2024


During this period, our factory will be closed for maintenance of sanity, rejuvenation of creativity, and recalibration of caffeine levels.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve left a squad of highly-trained office plants to hold down the fort. Rumor has it they’ve already formed a botanical committee to discuss office gossip and share sunlight tips.


Emergency Contact Information: In case of any urgent matters (or if you’re missing us too much), please reach out to [Emergency Contact Person] at [Contact Email/Phone].


Post-Vacation Plan: We promise to return on February 20th, 2024, with batteries recharged, coffee mugs refilled, and an arsenal of new ideas to conquer the market.


Until then, feel free to browse our website and reminisce about the magical widgets we’ve created together. We know you’ll miss us, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?


Thank you for your understanding, and we can’t wait to reunite with you all soon. Stay awesome! Warm regards, [Your Name] [Your Position] [Company Name]